Everyone Has a Story…

GarbGeek is enamored with all things medieval, renaissance and fantasy and we wanted to bring our passion to the rest of the world.

Since 2014, GarbGeek has been on a quest to to provide affordable, top-quality reenactment, costuming and LARP gear to the community we so love. What began as a humble venue for our geeky t-shirt designs, has leveled up to become the home of some of the coolest gear in this or any other realm.

Our trade caravans bring you geek apparel, reenactment armor and LARP gear, medieval clothing and costumes, Celtic and Viking jewelry, medieval gifts, collectibles and so much more.

With an ever-expanding catalog of products, and our brand-new Artisan’s Guild, we can bring you a veritable dragon’s horde of top-quality geek wares for everyone from casual gamers to hardcore reenactors.

Every Quest Has a Goal…

Our goal is to become the leading source for garb, armor and gear for the geek community.

It wasn’t long before we started wanting to do more for the Geek community. We sent our longships out on dangerous journeys to find the absolute best geek items to offer our customers: medieval armor, medieval garb, period camping gear and costumes, beautiful celtic and norse jewelery.

We strive to be a central hub for LARPers, Renaissance Faire lovers, SCA members, Dagorhir and Belegarth fighters, and every other geek or medieval enthusiast.

Every Hero Has a Friend…

In addition to the many name-brand geek products we carry, GarbGeek is also home to the community-driven Artisan’s Guild: a group of hard-working, talented crafters, clothiers, armorers and artists dedicated to producing amazing hand-crafted products.

From garb to armor, leather bags and hand-forged steel, the Artisan’s Guild is a place where small businesses in the reenactment and LARP communities can showcase their work and get their products in front of the customers.